Connie Baker, Craft Distiller at Marble Distiller Company

“BELIEVE! Greatness is possible if you put your head down and your heart and soul into it. Our spirits showcase that.”


Video Provided by “Beyond the Gallery,” a series by filmmaker Zach Wolfsen

Sustainability is paramount to craft distiller Connie Baker. Baker and her husband founded Marble Distilling Company in Carbondale, Colorado on a foundation of social consciousness. The company’s spirits—vodka, rye whiskey, and other specialty flavored spirits—are handcrafted using local grains and pristine water from the Crystal River, which is filtered through 99.5% calcite Yule marble.

Because distilleries use a lot of water and energy to heat water. Connie and her husband were determined to design a way to recapture that water and energy in their distillery and reuse it.

They brought together the team of engineers to create the first of its kind, Water & Energy Thermal System (WETS) for MDC’s facility to recycle 100% of the process water and energy created through distillation, in order to realize her dream of creating an environmentally sustainable distillery.

The WETS captures hot water from processes/stills and stores it for reuse. Utilizing multiple pumps and exchanger, the energy is reused to heat processes, domestic hot water and to provide heat to the building. The cold water leftover is reused for the condensing process, cooling mash and providing cool air to the building, eliminating the need for a typical energy inefficient air conditioning system. The heat/cold cycle is everlasting with no need to ever discharge water to the sewer.

The WETS system is a game-changer for sustainability and Baker hopes that it can set a new standard for the distilling industry.