GRAB ‘EM BY THE MIDTERMS | An Election Night Party & Sexual Harassment Training

Post voting on November 6, we presented an Anti-Networking Night to Grab ‘Em By the Midterms with a special sexual harassment workshop led by one of Denver’s top experts on communication in the workplace.

There’s a certain type of electricity that sparks when a diverse group of women gather and talk openly and honestly about life, work and democracy, and confront taboo topics head-on.

Dozens of women (and two men!) joined us at K Contemporary for the event highlight—a sexual harassment training led by licensed counselor and communications expert Jorie Cotton of Remedie Development.

We Learned:

—The definitions of Tone Policing, Mansplaining and Period Shaming

—To calmly speak up in these awkward and unsettling situations by stating that a specific action “made me feel uncomfortable” and to “please not do it again”

—How to use VENT—Verbalize, Express, Notify, Tell—when confronted with sexual harassment or a micro-aggression

If you enjoyed the sexual harassment workshop led by Jorie Cotton of Remedie Development, and would like to bring something similar to your organization, please contact her at

Past Events

TARRA2018: Anti-Networking Night

May 10, 2018, we presented “Failures, False Starts & Everything in Between,” an evening Masterclass and Anti-Networking event to benefit Girls, Inc. of Metro Denver
The masterclass explored the value of failure with Amy Savage, one of the nation’s top leadership coaches, who took participants through interactive exercises to break down mental barriers and transform the way you think about failure.


TARRA2017 | Anti-Networking Night

October 20-21, we celebrated TARRA2017: A 2-day celebration of women, ideas and innovation.
The lineup included events, exhibits and gatherings, with the mission to bring together women who are innovating, transforming, creating, designing, writing, fabricating, building, and thinking outside the box.
TARRA2017 was for those who want to learn, connect, and network with women who are pushing boundaries, creating culture and looking to effect meaningful change in the world.


TARRA, a community for women in the creative industries, and Goldyn, one of Denver’s most sought after women’s boutiques for progressive fashion, partnered together to host a collaborative installation of local photographers and “Women Who Create” as part of Denver’s Month of Photography.

Month of Photography

In an effort to create more collaborative opportunities for women across creative industries, TARRA partnered with Goldyn and Month of Photography to host a collaborative exhibit featuring the works of three ``Women Who Create`` from the local community. We put out a call for entries and received more than 30 application in a week, ultimately making the decision too difficult to narrow down to three.

Winter Popup

The TARRA Winter Pop Up, hosted at Queen City General Store, featured the works of eight ``Women Who Create``: Alexa Allen; Lily Schlosser of Eli and Barry; Lisa Rooney of Gossamer; Christin Wingo of Verbena; Erin Pattullo of Mortar and Stone; Jennifer Olson; Alexandra and Koen of Hygge Life; and Shauna Lott of The Long I Pie Shop.

TARRA2016 | Pop Up Shop

Drop dead gorgeous pieces by some of the top makers in Colorado: Alexa Allen, Royal Stag Hats, Salihah Moore, Liz Quan, and Banshee Press. Event hosted by Queen City General Store.

TARRA2016 | Film Night

TARRA2016 Film Night marked the first Colorado screening of Amici Films' ``Making Space: 5 Women Changing the Face of Architecture.`` Featuring architects Annabelle Selldorf, Marianne McKenna, Kathryn Gustafson, Farshid Moussavi, and Odile Decq—the film presents a dynamic dialogue not only around women in architecture, but also around architecture in the 21st century.

TARRA2016 | A New Conversation

The TARRA2016 Launch Party and Panel addressed the topic of “Timeless Innovation: How Do We Create Forward-Thinking Design With Staying Power?” through the voices of architect and jewelry designer Jenny Wu of Oyler Wu and LACE by Jenny Wu; graphic designer Ellen Bruss, creative director of Ellen Bruss Design; and lighting and furniture designer Elish Warlop of Elish Warlop Design Studio. Panel moderated by Gabrielle Schuller, AIA, Director at Burkett Design.