Coffee Talk- Presented by Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Committee


The Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Committee (PAC) introduces Coffee Talk. This monthly conversation takes place with policy makers, elected officials and community leaders to discuss current issues, legislative initiatives and ballot questions. From your kitchen or office, grab your favorite mug and join CWCC for a chat with elected leaders for a quick […]

Member Cohort: Creating a Culture of Equity & Inclusion


You must be a Paired member to attend this event. For more information about Paired, one of TARRA's business & leadership partners, visit, Megan Abman, Co-Founder, Strata RMK Consulting & Fractional Chief Inclusion Officer (Evolve Vacation, SRW, Neo4j) Overview It’s one thing to talk about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It’s another to […]


Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units: Decoded with Stacey Frank


If your stock options make you feel like you're drowning in alphabet soup then tune in as we explore the basics of executive stock compensation plans and how they may be taxed. Stacey Frank is a second-generation owner and Vice President of A&I Financial Services who devotes herself to helping others achieve their financial success […]


The Freelancer Failure Ball

Shift Workspaces 2679 Main Street, Denver, CO

THE BLACK-TIE CHARITY GALA CREATED TO CELEBRATE SCREW UPS. Because racking up a few fails is the surest sign you're showing up. IN THE WORLD OF BUSINESS, BIFFING IT IS BOUND TO HAPPEN. But it’s how we handle it that matters. Stroll into the chandelier-soaked rooftop fundraiser for an evening of slaps on the back, […]