Be More Than Your Job Title: How to Brand Your Hybrid Professional Identity at Work


If you do more than one thing, then you ARE more than one thing. Instead of being either an expert or a generalist, or saying you “wear a lot of hats,” learn to articulate and communicate your unique value at the intersection of your work identities. This is called your hybrid professional identity, and it’s […]

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Wills, Trusts & Wellness with Pamela Maass


What happens to your children and other loved ones when there is no planning or when planning has missing pieces. Exactly how to avoid probate and save your family thousands of dollars. LEARN MORE Pamela Maass, J.D., Owner of Law Mother LLC. Pamela Maass was recognized by 5280 Magazine as a Top Estate Planning Lawyer […]


Denver Startup Week 10th Anniversary

Built by the community for the community, Denver Startup Week is a celebration of everything entrepreneurial in Denver and is the largest free event of its kind. In 2021, the first hybrid Denver Startup Week will celebrate a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Denver and beyond, showcasing and building a global culture of innovation. Find epic […]


LGBTQ+ DISRUPTORS take the stage in this panel discussion to address how they have revolutionized the traditional culture of business. LEARN MORE The Queer community naturally creates leaders, business owners, and disruptors. LGBTQ+ folks do business differently, and bend the business binary. This panel examines both why and how. These panelists embrace their Queer identity […]