Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units: Decoded with Stacey Frank


If your stock options make you feel like you're drowning in alphabet soup then tune in as we explore the basics of executive stock compensation plans and how they may be taxed. Stacey Frank is a second-generation owner and Vice President of A&I Financial Services who devotes herself to helping others achieve their financial success […]


The Freelancer Failure Ball

Shift Workspaces 2679 Main Street, Denver, CO

THE BLACK-TIE CHARITY GALA CREATED TO CELEBRATE SCREW UPS. Because racking up a few fails is the surest sign you're showing up. IN THE WORLD OF BUSINESS, BIFFING IT IS BOUND TO HAPPEN. But it’s how we handle it that matters. Stroll into the chandelier-soaked rooftop fundraiser for an evening of slaps on the back, […]


Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce Corporate Women’s Group


Don't let the name fool you - this forum is designed for any woman looking to advance in her career. If you work for a small organization, non profit, Fortune 500, etc. and are navigating your career growth, this group is for you. This forum will cover topics relating to the challenges women face as […]


Improving Employee Wellbeing—A Three-Part Workshop Series


The cost of annual insurance premiums averaged over $21,000 for employer-sponsored plans for family coverage in 2020. Choosing healthcare benefits can be especially overwhelming for small businesses without a dedicated HR team. With most of the attention on compliance and cost, it’s hard to find room to be creative and find solutions that truly serve […]