February 2021: Mental Health Month

To the fierce, hard-working, never-stopping women of the TARRA community,

I know you are tired. I know you feel driven to the brink by 11 a.m. most days. 

While we can sit and lament what life was and hypothesize about what might happen, the only reality we can experience is right now.

I don’t know what’s coming at us, but I’ll tell you this…

You aren’t alone. You deserve to feel however you want to feel—good, bad, indifferent, crazy—and take care of yourself in all the ways that feel good to you.

What does self-care mean to you?

This month TARRA is celebrating mental health and self-care. However, instead of the typical, we are flipping the conversation upside down to ask, “what does it actually mean for YOU?” 

We are told that therapy, journaling, meditation and exercise are good for us (of course they are), but there are millions of other ways we take care of ourselves outside the prescriptive box.

I have a strange relationship with


Instead of self-care, I often beat myself up. I can’t seem to meditate for more than five minutes. I don’t do yoga, knit or climb big mountains to maintain my sanity. I wish I did, but it’s just not part of my DNA.

During the year of COVID (we’ll shorten it to YOC for brevity) I had countless conversations with many of you about the guilt we feel for some of the indulgent ways we coped with the stress and challenges of 2020. 

Self-care ranged from hiding in closets crying out of sight of kids and husbands to starting happy hour at 3 p.m. and sleeping on weekdays till 10 a.m.

One of my biggest revelations during YOC is this: 

While my form of self-care doesn’t look like the GOOP Instagram feed, I discovered my way of destressing and decompressing is uniquely mine and no one else’s. 

And that’s a good thing.

For 2021, I decided to embrace the following as my form of “self-care.”

  • Nap for 20 minutes a day (just as valuable as meditation).
  • Solo road trips with the music turned up REALLY loud and the speedometer at 95 mph…don’t tell mom…(just as therapeutic as yoga).
  • Buy a great bottle of champagne, turn off my phone and computer and binge-watch Bridgerton (worth at least 3 months of therapy).
  • Lie on my bed with my furball and tell her all my fears and doubts with no judgment (just as good as journaling)

In other words…

…YOU DO YOU when it comes to this whole thing called mental health.

This month I want to hear from you. 

What “alternative” forms of self-care do you practice? Share your thoughts with me on Instagram or by email [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear how you are all taking care of yourselves as we enter into YOC2.

We will make it through. We will do this together as a community. We will come out stronger even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. Know that TARRA is here for you on any given day at any given time. Thank you for being part of this incredible community.