Where are you headed?

If 2020 peeled us like a banana, then 2021 is going to blend us like a smoothie. 

As we’ve begun 2021, any last vestiges of romance believing this year would somehow save us from the wreckage of last year is over. 

But—because there is always a but… the truth has been uncorked, and you can’t put it back now.  2020 unveiled deep, hidden truths about ourselves, revealed what we wanted, and the start of this year has torched what was left of the guide books, rules and the old paradigm of “should” and “supposed to.” 

The next 30 days offer a unique opportunity for those willing to take the risk and trust in this NEW Paradigm where you get to follow yourself and NOT the rules.

Simply put, reflection is over; it is time to pack, sell, clean, rearrange, join, and DO all the things you’ve WANTED to do, all the things your heart has been insisting you do. 

For example, we decided to move to Salida on a Monday before kids went back in person. We had bought what we assumed was going to be a rental but instead found ourselves not wanting to leave. We kept saying, “In 2 years we will move to Salida…” for like 12 years… And thanks to 2020 and all the false starts and project ZOOM, we were able to pull the chord and say—”What do we have to lose?”

Imagine the mental health break you would get if you JUST took a day off or followed your heart and did exactly what you wanted, even if it scares the hell out of you!

For the next 30 days, if you aren’t ready to go with the “HELL YA!” start with exploring your inner knowing and truth with one response. NOT— “how can I do that.” But instead, “I wonder, how I would feel if I said. Yes, to what I ultimately want?”

What your soul/spirit may tell you/keep telling you… you may want to quit your job, start a business, break up with a partner, buy a house, live alone, ski every day, do a cleanse, down dog, move to Portugal—whatever your soul says to you—is true. In March, we will explore the seed you planted under the Ox Moon and in a time of reflection and wonder. The nomadic and spontaneous 2021 will continue to spin you like a smoothie until you decide what you want, and TRUST in your truth! Only YOU get to choose who and what you want in that blender with you. 


Willow Bradner

Accidental Psychic

Hey, I’m Willow

I’m motivated by my curiosity in Human Potential. In all of my readings we explore the energetics, ancestors, past lives and early childhood to help you move past your limiting belief patterns and RISE unlimited into your full potential and the abundance that life has to offer you.



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