Where are you headed?

When I was nine I decided, I was going to be a famous ballet dancer. My teacher was teaching us to focus on a single spot in the room so when we would do turns, we wouldn’t get dizzy, and so that as we spun, we would maintain direction. 

As we spin out through the end of the pandemic and into the new realities that will befall us in this ever-shifting new arena of Aquarius, it is important that you choose to set your mind on something sustainable. i.e., 

I am setting my goal and sights on experiencing every moment this year and not wishing it away. 

I want to intentionally feel and witness the exquisiteness of every moment, big and small.

I am not planning for tomorrow. Instead, I am living for today.

In that, I know my family and my personal needs will be tended to as they come. 

That, my friend, is what this time of Aries is all about. To sustain your energy, keep your footing and stay aligned, you are going to pick your Drishti, as the yogis call it. 

Where do you want your gaze or focus to be? 

In working with my clients this year, many have asked how to plan, how to create goals in this vibration, I mean 2020 basically burned down vision boards and career goals, and 2021 is really kickin’ us in the you know what making sure that we understand that the endless goal planning was a masculine vibration. With the new energy of Aquarius, we are sinking into the feminine, and as every momma learns in the first year of any child’s life, you must plan for nothing but prepare for everything. 

The best way to sustain this energy is to have a single focal point of WHY or WHAT will keep you going and align you to what is actually for your spirit’s highest good.

Be clear with yourself this is not about how much money you want to make, choosing to have a successful business, or finding a loving partner. This is about WHY those things matter to you in the first place. 

What does money offer you? Why does success matter? What does love do for you? 

Take your gaze from the outside desire to the inside curiosity and focus on those feelings as a way to spot yourself in the spin-out. So, as the world turns, your focus is on that feeling of support or the security of taking care of your family financially or experiencing the reward for hard work in a promotion. Aries energy burns down the ego and forces us even more into the light of our truth and spirit, and that truth sustains us. 

Deep breath in, find your gaze, and spin. 


Willow Bradner

Accidental Psychic

Hey, I’m Willow

I’m motivated by my curiosity in Human Potential. In all of my readings we explore the energetics, ancestors, past lives and early childhood to help you move past your limiting belief patterns and RISE unlimited into your full potential and the abundance that life has to offer you.



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