Where are you headed?

Welcome to the NOTHING, the abyss and transition from 2020-2021. 

Until February 12th, please, Do not PUSH, Do not SHOVE, Do not TRY to do anything, but please feel free to cry, tuck yourself under the covers, watch more Netflix, grieve this last year and all the disappointments, as well take note and celebrate in what DID work. Tap into your Tao of Pooh energy and TRUST in the space and vibes of NOTHING because that often that is where everything is revealed. 

On February 12, we move into the Chinese Zodiak character the OX, in the numerological year 5, at the start of the dawning of Aquarius. So let me explain what that means for 2021 –

This year will feel like a loyal, heavy energy, in a year that can’t make up its mind and keeps changing direction, with a trippy visionary guide. The road map here is plan for nothing, prepare for everything. It is a great year to join a dance class, stretch and strength train. You may be asked to move, run, quit, begin or simply stay put. 

The great news, though… is that 2020 was like a bottle of champagne rolling around the back of a Subaru Outback on a Costa Rican dirt road, building pressure and never getting to have any release or fun; 2021 will be that champagne bottle popped at a party. We will be a lot freer to move and travel and go out, no longer bottled up. The creatives, fun-havers and flexible spirits will THRIVE in 2021.

Hey, I’m Willow

I’m motivated by my curiosity in Human Potential. In all of my readings we explore the energetics, ancestors, past lives and early childhood to help you move past your limiting belief patterns and RISE unlimited into your full potential and the abundance that life has to offer you.



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