Saying goodbye to summer isn’t really our style. So, TARRA is helping you milk the last remaining days of sunshine (covered in non-toxic, Oxybenzone-free sunscreen of course) with Brain Food recommendations that provide prime moments for procrastination.

The Cut

Tuesdays are now officially our favorite day of the week due to The Cut—a podcast from New York Magazine and Gimlet Media that brings together women’s voices on culture, style, sex, politics, and people. Join our #womancrush host Molly Fischer every week for arguments, obsessions, dissections, reflections, confessions, and other deep dives.

I’m Not Your Girl Boss, I’m Your Boss

Annie Liao Jones of Rock Candy Media says she’s sick of being pigeonholed as a “female CEO.” Her sentiments are shared by many (including the staff of TARRA). Food for thought:

“For one, encourage younger women to not to hold back by offering success stories without using the word girl or even female to precede all the titles of the people you want to highlight. This proactive reach for equality will plateau if women as CEOs are always looked upon as “female CEOs” as opposed to just CEOs.”

June Marieezy (((o)))

We stopped by the new Mission Ballroom in Denver a couple of weeks ago and watched a mesmerizing performance by June Marieezy a.k.a. (((o))). This Philippino/American singer-songwriter’s sound wedges her somewhere between a tranquil dream state and Burning Man Trance party on mushrooms. (((o))) plans to release  “moondrops” (new material) every full moon, and a full-length album at the close of every lunar year. Proceeds from music sales will go to preserving a forest in the Philippines. What’s not to love?

The Messy Middle: Finding Your Way Through the Hardest and Most Crucial Part of Any Bold Venture

Our CEO is only halfway through this book and has already named it the “sanity saver”. She notes: “every time I’m stuck or freaking out, I read a page or two and realize ‘so wait, I’m not the only one?’” Part advice book, part startup survival guide, The Messy Middle is the equivalent of a parachute for those jumping off the cliff of entrepreneurship.

Just for Laughs: Patti Harrison—Trans Actress & Comedian

This NYC-based comedian, actor and writer, is one of the hottest acts on television right now, and has been featured on the Tonight Show, Search Party, Broad City Rolling Stone, i-D, Bust, Vogue and the New York Times We can’t  get enough of her raw humor and tell-it-like-it-is vision of the world. Says Harrison: “Cisgender people tend to want trans stories of triumph that are easy to metabolize,” she said. “I want to make things that are subversive and not so entry-level.”

Jane VC

We know the statistics: For every $1 men raise at the early stage, women raise an avg of $0.37 and black women raise an avg of $0.02.

Jane VC wants to close the gap in those numbers. This break-the-model concept was founded by two women—Jennifer Keiser Neundorfer and Maren Thomas Bannon—with deep experience in capital raising/entrepreneurship AND MBA’s from Stanford. Together, they’re are on a mission to change the future of work, healthcare and commerce by investing in early-stage startups with at least one female founder.

“If we can make the process of creating something from nothing just a little bit easier, then we’ve done some good. If we can get them the attention, opportunities and returns their world changing ideas deserve, then we’ve lived our mission.”

Ladies, TARRA stands with you.

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