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Anna Karlin

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“That mix between art and design…I’m interested in finding my place in that.”

-Anna Karlin


Anna Karlin works across all media, and when she says all, she means it. Her studio practice encompasses everything from digital and print to interiors and set design. All her life, Anna has been drawn to the creation of objects.

“Just making stuff, decorating stuff, I always just loved it,” says Anna, who’s lived in New York for the past six years. “It’s having the energy to bounce from thing to thing and make each thing happen. It’s more about what I want to be working on, and that could be many things at one time or just one piece at a time.”

The next venture for the designer-maker-artist-manufacturer? Launching her own line of fine jewelry.

Q: What is inspiring you right now?

A: The mix conversation between art and design. I’m interested in finding my place in that space and what it means to me. It’s something I need to give myself the time to explore.

Q: What’s the process of launching your furniture design company like? Is the creative process different without client feedback?

A: Yes, I think that’s why I ultimately launched it—doing something for the sake of doing it rather than in response to a brief. I think what’s exciting now, a couple of years in, is that we’ve got our production methods well-honed, which allows us to be this lovely little nimble machine. When it comes to deciding how I want to make something, I know how, and I’ve got a handle on the market and if it’s actually going to work.

Q: What technologies do you geek out on?

A: I don’t start with: this machine does this and works like this. For me it’s much more: This is what I want it to look like…how do I get it to look like that? From there, I discover all these weird and wonderful processes I can teach myself. So it’s sort of the reverse process for me.

Q: What is your experience as a woman in a typically male-dominated profession?

A: For me, because I’m so used to working in male environments. Given my history with set building and interiors, I’ve learned to really handle it. You go to any design show and how many female designers are there? There are like four of us. So there’s still a conversation to be had about what is going on there. There’s plenty of extremely talented female designers, but how many of them actually go out and start their own business? I think men promote themselves as artists and these sort of individual geniuses whereas women get lumped into craft and makers.

Q: What is one piece of advice that you would give to young women who are just getting started?

A: Do it. Do it do it do it! There’s a huge space for us and it’s a space that’s ready for the taking. At the moment, most of the designers are male, so they’re producing what they produce. I’d be excited to see what women produce and see how it differs. There’s plenty of room!

Japanese Textile Collection
Launched as an Atelier Courbet Exclusive, we collaborated with Kyoto based master weavers Hosoo. A Japanese family owned company originated in 1866. We are please to announce this is the first textiles they have ever made in our specific 40% Silk, 25% Cotton, 35% Linen blend.

Lava Light
An exploration between natural forms and precision of the man made, this light is a visual interpretation of that tension that exists in our everyday. Each volcanic lava boulder and steel curve is 3d scanned in order to perfectly carve out a path in which they can intersect, furthering the play between the natural and technological intervention. The piece is at once both familiar and arresting. The curve exterior is finished in a rich warm black and the interior is finished in a light antique brass.

Bedside Carafe
Made from hand-blown glass, these carafes are perfect for bedside use. The carafe top doubles as a cup. This piece is available in four colorways.

Antique Brass Hanging Mirror
Made up of a separate base and hanging mirror. This sculptural piece is hand finished in either a rich warm black or antique brass.

Small Glass Dome
Each glass dome is hand blown so no two are alike. Each dome is sold with a unique marble base. Available with or without ceramic sculpture. Please contact us for further details or for specific base color requests.

Website: AnnaKarlinFineJewelry.com
Website: AnnaKarlin.com
Instagram: Instagram.com/annakarlinfinejewelry/

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