This is for the innovators, the risk-takers, the rebels, the creatives, and the game changers who are ready for more.

TARRA is a global network of women who are innovating, transforming, creating, designing, writing, fabricating, building, and thinking outside the box. Through community, networking, and education, we are cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.


Women, Ideas & Innovation

TARRA is cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders.

We’re leveling the playing field.

By creating an open platform where creative women can network, collaborate, learn, and find inspiration—we can:

  1. Give women the educational and financial leverage to pursue successful careers and businesses
  2. Cultivate a more diverse demographic throughout the business community
  3. Ensure equality in pay, media representation and opportunities for achievement
  4. Provide young women and girls with the confidence to pursue their chosen careers
  5. Give women the tools they need to develop the confidence to innovate, create and lead




Founder & CEO

Kate Bailey has 20 years of experience as a journalist, editor and marketing executive. In 2015, after having met with and interviewed numerous women across a variety of disciplines, she founded TARRA to address the gender gap within a multitude of industries—from architecture, art, and furniture design to website development, graphic design, technology and advertising. The platform rapidly expanded to include networking, education, mentorship and events programming. Today, Bailey has set her sites on cultivating the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators and game changers.