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Banshee Press

By January 18, 2016 No Comments

They describe themselves as “two regular people” who (for the most part) share the same tastes, the same love of design and a reverence for a past­-meets­-present paradigm. Meet Britt Madden and Ava Goldberg: longtime friends, artists, designers, and the collaborators behind Denver’s Banshee Press.

Founded in 2011, this design, letterpress, silkscreen and etching studio is an iconic space nestled in the heart of RiNo. It’s a light­-filled space, with a distinctly industrial vibe.

From designing custom ephemera for clients, printing limited edition artwork, offering lino block workshops and hosting local art shows, Banshee Press aims to make one-­of-­a-­kind artwork accessible to everyone.

This simple goal, admittedly has more than a few moving parts. It began with the challenges of running print jobs on machines built for the past, and expanded into running a creative business that is very much in the present, all while squeezing in family, friends and a little fun too.

Just “two regular people”? You be the judge.

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