5 Minutes With… Anna Zesbaugh of Hooch Booch

Anna Zesbaugh’s journey to founding Hooch Booch—one of Colorado’s hottest new beverage brands—is one of transformation and vision. In 2014, the Minnesota native stepped into the world of hospitality by pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management at the University of Denver. After graduating, she spent two years refining her skills in corporate events, a path she followed until the upheaval of the pandemic in 2020.

As the pandemic halted in-person gatherings and Anna was furloughed, she saw an opportunity in the shifting dynamics of socialization and consumer habits. Amidst the turmoil of 2020, she launched Hooch Booch, blending the traditional term “Hooch” with the modern favorite “Booch” for kombucha, creating a line of unique beverages that reflected her innovative vision.

Two years later, the company expanded their products with the introduction of Corpse Reviver, a sister brand focused on non-alcoholic and functional drinks for health-conscious consumers. This move showcased Hooch’s commitment to addressing the needs of modern palates with creativity and passion.

Anna’s latest venture, the day-to-evening lounge Blind Tiger by Hooch Booch, exemplifies the company’s forward-thinking approach. It is an inviting space where their distinctive beverages come to life in a setting that transforms from casual to elegant as the day progresses.

Through her continued pursuit of innovation and excellence, Anna Zesbaugh is making her mark on the beverage industry and enriching the lives of those she serves.

We sat down with this visionary founder to learn more about what she can’t stop thinking about and how she fuels her leadership. Read on for more about Anna.

Anna and Hooch Booch will be featured with several other women-owned and led beverage companies at TARRA’s 2024 Colorado Women in Spirits, Wine & Beverage event in partnership with 5280 Magazine on June 13, 2024.


Favorite morning drink of choice?

Black, French press coffee OR our Botanical Corpse Reviver.

What can you not stop thinking about right now?

The expansion of Corpse Reviver & our team. Work and my businesses are constantly on my mind but Corpse Reviver in particular right now. In just a few months we have seen a great amount of traction and killer velocities on the shelf. The growth is super exciting and I cannot stop thinking of more locations it needs to be in.

What do you compromise and what do you never compromise?

I never compromise weekly/daily movement. I know that I feel best in my body and mind when I create space for daily movement. I compromise on a schedule that looks different week to week and day to day. Life as an entrepreneur can be and most always is ALL over the place and crazy. I allow myself flexibility and grace when needing to make adjustments or say no to commitments.

What’s one big mistake you made when you started your company? And one big thing you did right?

There really isn’t one time that I can pointpoint as far as a mistake goes, I feel like every hurdle or mishap is really just an opportunity to learn. I have also had some great mentors along the way who have definitely helped me to avoid costly mistakes.
I’d say a difficult challenge was hiring a friend and it not working out. Friendship and family are far more important than a job to me. One thing I think we have done right is our branding, storytelling and intentionality behind the brand. From the inception story to concepting around each can design from the fonts to the colors to the overall design being pulled through every element of the brand, I love what we have done!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other women looking to start their own business in your space?

Trust the process. When I got furloughed from my job just two years after graduation I was devastated, frustrated and super bummed out. The universe had far bigger plans for me. Remember that sometimes when one door closes another opens… and it might just be a new business idea ;)