This is for the innovators, the risk-takers, the rebels, the creatives, and the game changers who are ready for more.

TARRA is a global network of women who are innovating, transforming, creating, designing, writing, fabricating, building, and thinking outside the box. Through community, networking, and education, we are cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.

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Connie Baker

Sustainability is paramount to craft distiller Connie Baker. Baker and her husband founded Marble Distilling Company in Carbondale, Colorado on a foundation of social consciousness. The company’s spirits—vodka, rye whiskey, and other specialty flavored spirits—are handcrafted using local grains and pristine water from the Crystal River, which is filtered through 99.5% calcite Yule marble.

Because distilleries use a lot of water and energy to heat water. Connie and her husband were determined to design a way to recapture that water and energy in their distillery and reuse it.


Lindsay Linton Buk

Lindsay Linton Buk, a fifth-generation Wyoming native, discovered photography while on hiatus from her professional dance career. She has spent the last several years perfecting the art of portrait.

Her college thesis project “Been Here for Generations” gained local and statewide recognition for her portrayal of seven generational farming families in her hometown of Powell, Wyoming. After graduation, an internship with famed photographer Peter Hurley, catapulted her onto the world stage.


A Word from Our Founder: TARRA in 2018

I don’t know about you, but I want live in a world where TARRA doesn’t need to exist anymore.

– TARRA Founder, Kate Bailey

Last year I promised to build an organization for you, and we have spent the last 12 months asking women across a variety of disciplines and industries:

  • What can we do to help build your careers and businesses?
  • What are the challenges you face?
  • What kind of tools do you need to overcome them?

We discovered that there were three key things women are looking for: education about business, mentoring and being a mentor, and meaningful networking experiences to connect with like-minded women across a variety of disciplines.

Click through for a highlight of the programs we are starting to develop to help make your dreams a reality.


Greta de Parry

When asked about her entry into the world of woodworking, Greta de Parry describes her experience as “less of a moment, more of a natural evolution”.

For de Parry, the process of becoming an esteemed woodworker was a delicate balance between learning the craft and gaining confidence in her abilities. Armed with an MFA in Sculpture and Designed Objects from The Art Institute of Chicago, and a passion for artfully designed furniture, de Parry dove headfirst into the world of woodworking for the practical, everyday life.


Andrea Beecher of M3LD

When asked to describe the moment she decided to become a designer, Andrea Beecher of M3LD responded with a knowing nod to a ubiquitous theme: “It’s always been in me.”

Armed with keen ambition and playful boldness, Beecher has crafted a multi-faceted design career characterized by both curiosity and focus. Her aesthetic is fearless and dynamic, often pulling from brutalist modern motifs and employing varied elements in intriguing and unexpected combinations. Across numerous creative industries, she has rolled up her (likely pattern-laden) sleeves and plunged in.

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“I don't know about you, but I want to live in a world where TARRA doesn't need to exist anymore." - TARRA Founder, Kate Bailey What a difference a year makes....
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