5 Minutes With Dawn Fable of Press Pause

When Dawn Fable, founder of Press Pause, walks into a room, she is nothing less than the wholly authentic version of her. In addition to her unabashed energy, she is the true definition of a founder—a powerful ambassador for her brand and a case study for the transformative property of her products. 

Fable founded Press Pause in 2018 after two decades of juggling a demanding career and growing family, which created a vicious cycle of persistent anxiety. It wasn’t until she discovered the transformative powers of CBD that she saw tangible relief for both her physical and mental health.

Six years and one pandemic later, Fable’s business is thriving. 

Press Pause—acquired by UK-based Tenacious Labs in 2020—is now on a trajectory to become one of the world’s top CBD brands, delivering natural remedies for every mood–from sleep to sexual wellness to anxiety and stress. Products range from tea to healing balm, sleep tinctures,  and bath soaks. Each one is crafted from top-quality ingredients and wrapped in beautiful packaging that makes consumption feel like an everyday luxury and a reason to “press pause.”

So what’s next for this burgeoning brand? Studies show that CBD may help regulate hormonal imbalances and today Press Pause is digging deep to help women find relief.  “We are starting to focus our products on the “Queenager,” women entering or already in mid-life and whose mental health and wellness needs are changing with hormonal fluctuations,” says Fable. 

We recently sat down with Dawn for 5 Minutes With… to learn more about what drives her forward, what’s on her nightstand and some of the biggest misconceptions about her industry.

Interested in trying it for yourself? Come visit the Press Pause experience lab in the wellness room at TARRA Office and grab a few samples to take home. Dawn and the Press Pause will be on site for TARRA’s Wellcare Wednesday, October 27, 2022 to educate on the power of CBD and answer questions.

What scares you the most?

Missing out on the most significant life experiences in not being able to be present. 

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to?

Brandi Carlile’s memoir, “Broken Horses.”  Her lyrics and songs are woven throughout the book from the songs that inspired her. She is a brilliant writer and It is soul food, truly. Also, listening to Simon Sinek, “Start with Why.” He has really shifted my focus in my career and the vision of how I think professionally. 

What is your most persistent internal dialogue and why?

I have an innate need to control the outcome of life circumstances as a result of trauma as a child. I am constantly reminding myself that this is a form of anxiety and the way you tell the story to yourself matters. Like my beautiful Mother and Grandmother remind me, “Don’t borrow trouble.” 

Describe what you were like in high school in 6 words or less. 

A connector

What is the greatest misconception people have about your industry?

Where do I even start with this one… the cannabis industry is filled with misconceptions. We might need a couple hours for this topic. I would say the most prominent misconceptions are around CBD being a miraculous cure-all as well as the belief that CBD has psychoactive effects like THC. People truly do not understand the science of how CBD works with our body and how powerful it truly can be.