August 2022 Brain Food

Can someone please explain how it is already August? 

The last month of summer is bittersweet. I always lament that summer went by too fast. Vacation bikinis and hiking boots are packed away, and I often spend the entire month pining away for the summer that was.

But wait, it’s still summer! For a WHOLE MONTH. The Europeans have figured it out BTW. They go on vacation the entire month of August, while we, the overworked and under-vacationed Americans allow pre-fall panic to set in. 

Not this year though. At our first Power Tuesday with Phenomenal Women last week, one participant said her idea of healthy living was spending time that was unstructured and unaccounted for. Time spent dipping our toes in a cold stream, listening to birds on a pink sunrise morning or simply sipping coffee in a park watching runners tie themselves up in dog leashes. 

This year, I want you to pledge with me that you will spend the entire month of August (or at least part of it) languishing in a chair with a tall glass of iced tea, soaking in a good book, relishing a few moments of unplanned time. 

To help you with that unaccounted-for time, here is your August serving of Brain Food with a heaping spoonful of bright red cherries on top. 

Lack of Black Representation in the Beauty Industry

McKinsey has the stats. See something that needs to be fixed? We do too. 1) Black brands make up only 2.5% of revenue in the beauty industry. Yet Black consumers are responsible for 11.1% of total beauty spending. 2) Black consumers are 3x more likely to be dissatisfied with their options for hair care, skincare, and makeup. 3) Only 7% of beauty brands carried by specialty beauty stores, drugstores, grocery stores, and department stores are Black brands. Read it here.

Food Fight for Reproductive Rights

TARRA’s local partner, Block Distilling Company, is joining forces with The Marigold Project for the ultimate food and cocktail competition to benefit reproductive justice. On August 28, some of Denver’s top chefs, bartenders, bakers and more are joining forces to support the Colorado Doula Project and COLOR Latina. Get tickets here.

Blade Runner Holly Loftus

Summer isn’t over till it’s over, which means there is plenty of time left for raucous dinner parties that lean into slightly blurry late-night conversations. No home chef should ever be without their trusted knife by their side and we can’t wait for the new batch from British knifemaker Holly Loftus. Based in South London, the forger makes every knife completely by hand with traditional Japanese techniques. Buy it here.

Summertime at Horseshoe 

The final Summer Market Series at Denver Central Market is none other than our favorite, Horseshoe Market. August 13, head down to Denver’s RiNo neighborhood for the best handmade, artisan and vintage goods market in the state. Past markets have featured TARRA favorites Dante Perozzi, Olive & Oldes, Two Ravens Soap, That Witch Apothecary and more. Discover it here.

Worth a Watch: Wild Rye Apparel

Wild Rye founder Cassie Abel saw a gap in the market and launched her now a million-dollar brand to provide exceptional outdoor apparel for women who love to adventure (know any of those by chance?). Forbes recently featured Cassie’s story and her vision for the company as it grows to the next level. More of this, please. Watch it here.

PS: Phase II, TARRA Office, is opening in just a few weeks! We have a few offices of each type still available. Office space is limited. Please call contact Sydney at (720) 383-4233 or [email protected] to book a tour.