Brain Food TARRA 2023

Brain Food: A New Paradigm for TARRA in 2024

Hello TARRA Family! 

As 2023 comes to an end, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to this community for the energy, commitment and curiosity you have brought through our doors this year. 

Together, in just 18 months, we have built a powerful and active community that now stands at over 400 members.

Through daily conversations, surveys, and focus groups, we have learned so much about you and what you think makes TARRA special. We took this information to heart and through it have developed a unique and personal experience for every member who walks through our doors.

These conversations have also inspired the TARRA team to revisit our original mission, vision and values and better align them with what we believe is our greatest purpose to serve the needs and aspirations of this community.  

Today, I share with you a focused direction for 2024. The principles I outline below will become our lighthouse to guide the decisions, relationships, partnerships, programming and products that we bring to you in the coming days, weeks and months ahead.

As a team, we look forward to more conversations about how we can continue to grow together and develop TARRA’s future alongside you.

Why Are We Here?

Getting to the heart of our new mission started with understanding why we TARRA exists at all.

As so many of you have said (and I smile every time), TARRA is much more than a coworking space or community. 

“It’s a place where I feel like I can dream big but also put those dreams into action.” 

“I feel free to be me here.” 

“It’s a space where I meet others who inspire me to do better, reach higher, and be a better version of myself.” 

“Sometimes I just come here to have a soft place to land when life feels hard.” 

“TARRA is a place to exhale.”

Our new TARRA mission is simple. We provide opportunities for our members to reach their highest potential [whatever that means to them on any given day] through meaningful experiences and a high-value network. 

We’re here as your guide, support team, brainstorming buddy, shoulder to lean on, cheerleader, and champion. However, you will need to define what “potential” means for you. It’s not about striving for what you think success looks like or what you have been told it looks like. Potential is an inside job.

Our Promise to You

How do we help you fulfill your potential? Our goal is to show up every day to fulfill the following promises. We encourage each of our members to do the same. 

Curiosity: Curiosity is at the heart of everything we do. We approach the world with new eyes each day and create space for understanding over righteousness. We are rooted in curiosity about the world and about each other.

Courage: It takes courage to make choices in the face of uncertainty. We embrace discomfort and reflect on it to help us change and grow. We are courageous in our conversations and our decisions. It empowers us to create the kind of change we want to see in the world.

Commitment: We follow through and do what we say we are going to do. When we make a decision, we are accountable to ourselves and to each other to see it through. With one caveat…if something isn’t working, we get curious as to why and have the courage to chart a different course.

Purpose: We believe our work will have a ripple effect of impact into our communities. Each and every day we ensure our members, partners and stakeholders understand and value that purpose. 

Potential: We believe humans have infinite creative power. Our mission is to help ourselves and others achieve their highest potential. Together, we reach higher, do more, think bigger, and create space for what’s next. Tapping into this potential means we must encourage and be open to encouragement from each other. 

Prosperity: We prioritize collaboration and connection to create an abundance of opportunity for ourselves and our members. We exist to create more prosperity for our company and the communities we serve.

A New Path Forward–Together

Together with you, our vision is to create a ripple effect of lasting impact to ensure communities are more prosperous and equitable. Why? Because we know that equitable communities create a flywheel of opportunity for others. 

That ripple effect is felt when more women-owned businesses thrive because they hire more women and create a positive financial impact on their communities. That ripple effect is felt when more women make it into leadership roles that they promote, support and hire more women, create policy changes in their workplaces and create more equitable outcomes at all levels.

Can TARRA change the world on its own? Of course not. 

But we can change the world when we stand, hand in hand with you, our members. Together we can take one positive step forward every single day to support the person to our left and the one to our right. We can champion wins and lend a shoulder during hard times. We can open doors for each other and create a soft place to land when tough choices are made. 

In the months and years ahead we ask you—our TARRA community, partners, and stakeholders—to join us on our journey ahead. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you and we look forward to building this next phase with you.

Kate & the TARRA team