Dazzling New Finds: March 2024 Brain Food

It’s been a minute! We took a brief hiatus on Brain Food but we’re back baby and (along with the spring-ish weather) ready to dive into all things curious, fresh, and full of new perspectives that you adore about TARRA.

This month is focused on WOMEN as it’s Women’s History Month – a time to celebrate the innovation, ideas, and creativity that women like you, me, and our members contribute to the world.

This month’s lineup includes a powerful new book about the evolution of the female human body, a soundtrack to your spring and summer, my favorite new media company, an excellent art exhibit for those who live in the 303, and a fresh take on the economy.

Grab a seat and dig into this hearty serving of Brain Food… We’ll be back in May! 

As always, I’d love to know what you are reading, watching, listening to, and thinking about. Send suggestions for upcoming editions of Brain Food to [email protected]

A (RE)volution 

Hands down one of the most significant books I have ever read, Cat Bohannon’s “Eve: How the Female Body Drove 200 Million Years of Human Evolution,” is the first definitive tome on the evolution of the female body. This book draws from a multi-disciplinary set of research, shifting the known standard of women’s health and correcting many myths about evolution and science. It’s a must-read and a fun one to boot. 

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Now This is What We Call Country Music

No 2024 Women’s History Month is complete without mentioning the paradigm-shifting single dropped by Beyonce this year. “Texas Hold ‘Em” made her the first Black woman to top the Billboard Country Music Chart. Because of her star power, it catalyzed a conversation about the fact that country music as we know it today has deep origins in the hymns and field songs of Southern enslaved people and, Black musicians. Interested in learning more? Read this Q&A with. Pat Parks, a professor in the Howard University College of Fine Arts, then pop this Spotify playlist on your headphones to hear the beauty and genius of the Black women in country music that you need to know!

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CH-CH-CH-Cherry Bombe

The world of food magazines that aren’t what they used to be… and thank goodness! As a former magazine editor and voracious consumer of the printed word, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see how publications address singular topics with a fresh perspective, like the inimitable Cherry Bombe, a media company celebrating women in the world of food and drink. If you are a food nerd like yours truly, you will love their editorials, newsletters, events, and highlights of food innovations and accomplishments of women and non-binary humans in food and bev. world. 

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Off the Wall with Babe Walls

In 2020, TARRA partnered with the crew from Babe Walls on the Sassport Project, to celebrate their inaugural mural festival. Alexandra Pangburn and her crew are still going strong four years later with their Annual Women’s History Month Art Show. This year’s show is at Ryan Joseph Gallery and features over 35 local and national women and non-binary artists. The show runs through March 31, 2024!

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The Fourth Wave

Recommended to me by TARRA member Caroline Rice, “Proposals for the Feminine Economy” written by feminist entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and thought leader Jennifer Armbrust, is a fresh perspective on women, capitalism, and “business as we know it”. Through her core thesis, she insists that business can be a site of feminist practice by creating new economies and redistributing power and resources. Watch the video, read the book, and email me your thoughts at [email protected]. I’m curious to spark a conversation! 

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