Summertime. Let’s just sit back and unwind…

…wait…unwind? Isn’t summer when everything winds up? 

Summer camp, trail runs, hiking, camping, BBQs, weddings, anniversaries, patio parties, beach vacations, picnics fueled with chilled rosè, backyard dance parties, soccer games, swim lessons and battles with your air conditioning—summer isn’t lazy anymore. It’s a full contact sport.

This summer, I think it’s time to set the record straight and dig into whatever the opposite of hot girl summer is…maybe mindful woman summer or slightly less hectic than usual matriarch summer?

Anyways, I’ll spare you the typical musings of how we need to fix “the system” and let you marvel in some of my favorite finds for those long, hot nights. 

Brain Food this month is a dripping ice cream cone of goodness–from sexy summer songs to self-awareness and sistain-ability gone chic. 

Spoon it up my friends. Let’s dig in for a little slowness. You deserve it.

A Song for Sexy Summer Nights

Andrea Bejar has the kind of sultry voice that lilts above the stars on a warm summer night. Picture this—you in a light cotton frock swaying your hips to the light of the fire-pit flames, glass of chilled rose clutched in your left hand. Turn this one up. You’ll thank me. Listen Now

Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

Why aren’t more women in management? They aren’t capable? Not interested? Just basic prejudice in the system? Maybe there is a bigger issue being missed–the inability of people to discern between confidence and competence. Intrigued? Read more from Harvard Business Review. Read It

The Taste of Summer: Denver’s Own Ba-nom-a-nom

The sound of the ice cream truck makes every mouth happy. But what if you got all the good flavor plus the good for you? Ba-nom-a-nom is soft serve frozen fruit with no additional sugar, milk or chemicals and it’s vegan and gluten free but still insanely creamy and unbelievably delicious. Plus, it’s Colorado woman-founded and owned. Find The Truck

Book Corner: Insight—The Surprising Truth About How Others See Us…

Self-awareness is a term that needs additional unpacking. Most of us think we know ourselves, but statistics show that most of us really don’t. Author Tasha Eurich has created a framework to develop self awareness and shows us how to use it to become more fulfilled, confident and successful. Consider this your alt beach read for the summer. Buy It

Chic Sistain-ability With a Click

For women intimidated by zero-waste, want to live more sustainably but also value design and beauty: SISTAIN is the first sustainable home-focused marketplace simplifying your choices. In short, this is the place to find the chicest sustainable lifestyle goods on the planet. You will want all of it…everything. Shop Now

You are the 5 People 

The people you surround yourself with have a profound impact on how you see yourself. If you don’t have people in your inner circle woh believe you and support you? Find a new circle. This nugget and more from the Queen of career advice, Shadé Zahrai, PhD, MBA. In need of motivation, just hop over to her YouTube channel. You’re welcome. Watch Now