June Brain Food: Celebrating Identity & Embracing Pride Beyond Denver Businesses

We are at a unique point in history when celebrating our individual identities is at the forefront of the conversation. We have digital platforms to share our ideas and stories. We have national conversations about the fluid nature of sexuality and gender. We are in the difficult and arduous process of centuries of “norms” that no longer serve our modern society.

However, a massive social transformation is never straightforward. It has its ups and downs, facing backlash from those clinging desperately to a world that no longer exists. I could be angry about it. We could all be angry. But instead, I choose to feel sadness for them, knowing they will never find peace.

The change is already here. The door is open and no one can close it.

Those once-deemed as “outcasts” are taking over recess…

Each year, Pride Month celebrates the beautiful spectrum of the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s about celebrating the uniqueness in all of us and having pride in being who you are in the world. It’s about creating space for others to show their authentic colors.

So, as Pride Month continues, I’m serving you a new installment of Brain Food. Grab a glass of milk (or an espresso martini) and bite into this rainbow-sprinkle-topped cupcake of sugar, spice and all things nice. There’s music, podcasts and places for you to go to let your colorful flag fly.

Watch It! A Haven for Women’s Sports

Founded by two queer women, the 99ers Sports Bar on Colfax Avenue in Denver will focus exclusively on broadcasting women’s sports. Named after the famous, World Cup U.S. women’s soccer team that won in 1999, the goal of this space is to encourage more participation and excitement for professional women’s sports in a welcoming, inclusive environment for everyone. Opening summer 2024.

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Read & Sniff

Do you know those Instagram Reels about dreaming of opening a bookstore, flower shop, or bakery? Well, queer poet Dylah Ray (she/her) followed that dream, and we are all the better for it. Located in Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District, Petals & Pages of Denver hosts monthly book clubs, open mic nights, author talks, and flower and craft workshops. We can only hope the Botanical Bakery makes a comeback inside the space soon.

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Queer is Everywhere

Looking to support queer-owned businesses? There’s now an app for that. Everywhere Is Queer was founded by Charlie Sprinkman to connect queer-owned and queer-friendly businesses with the people who need them most. The Everywhere Is Queer map is growing rapidly with the vision that queer people feel safe everywhere and anywhere they want to go. We just added TARRA to the map!

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The Rise & Fall of a Midwest Princess

Chappell Roan was raised a “God girl” in the tiny Ozark town of Willard, Missouri. “Scandalized” by late aughts pop—Lady Gaga, Kesha, Katy Perry—this newly crowed pop princess now churns out tunes that are reminiscent of Patsy Cline, 80s Madonna and RuPaul. She signed onto Atlantic Records in her late teens and ultimately found freedom in her queerness in the gay bars of West Hollywood. My weird-Wyoming-kid self is applauding her every move.

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The Denver LGBTQIA+ Business List

303 Magazine has compiled a comprehensive guide to queer-owned businesses across the Denver Metro Area. From bars and restaurants to salons and more, click the link below.

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LGBTQIA+ Business Podcast

Each episode of The Out Entrepreneur with Rhodes Perry explores the journey of a successful LGBTQIA+ entrepreneur or start-up founder. With lessons on building businesses, leading teams and managing the always-changing macro environment, Perry’s subjects are a testament to living as your authentic self 100% of the time.

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TARRA’s June Edition of Bookshelf

Celebrate the vibrant spectrum of human experience as we spotlight our 2SLGBTQIA+ members and their top picks for our “Bookshelf” series. Dive into these recommended reads to deepen your connection to the 2SLGBTQIA+ experience, featuring titles like The Song of Achilles, A Little Life, Juliet Takes a Breath, and more.
Explore more on Goodreads and embrace the colorful month with us!

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