Women’s History Month is here. And, while I love a good history lesson, I’m not one to dwell on the past. My favorite thing to focus on is what lies ahead. 

As a relentless solution seeker, my sights are persistently towards how we can solve some of the biggest challenges of today to pave the way for a brighter future.

In light of that notion of future, stay tuned to this space for an announcement mid-month about something that has been brewing at TARRA headquarters. I think you will like it.

Meanwhile, here is your spring menu of Brain Food, full of recipes for happiness, acceptance, trust falls and a sprinkling of unladylike behavior. Because what’s a good women’s history month without a little spice to accompany that sugar.

Roll up your sleeves intrepid friends. We’ve got some work to do.

A New Formula for Happiness

“Stay engaged with other people, and stay engaged physically so that you’re physically active.” Seems simple enough right? In “A New Formula for Happiness” The Atlantic’s Arthur Brooks discusses universal principles for a happy life at any age. 

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Hello! Gloria!

What do you get when two media veterans choose to start an online magazine about what getting older means in a youth-obsessed society? Gloria, a celebration of middle life in all of its glory(a). 

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Tems on Repeat

Nigerian-born singer songwriter Temilade Openiyi (a.k.a. Tems) is on repeat at TARRA. Her star is rising and for good reason, she had a guest vocal in “Move” alongside Beyonce and Grace Jones, which rightfully launched her into the stratosphere. Trust us. You want in on Tems. 

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In Conversation with Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox

For the first time in history there are two (yes only 2) women CEO’s in the Fortune 500. It’s not a lot of progress, but we’ll take it. On Her Money podcast, Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox talks about climbing the corporate ladder and candid conversations about elevating more black women into the C-Suite. 

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Menopause & Workplace Stigma

In the US, the average CEO is hired at the age of 54. Middle age is supposed to be the prime of our careers where we have the expertise and confidence to move into leadership. But for women, menopause can be a harmful stigma to work against. This article by HBR outlines some of the ways to fight bias with awareness and normalize the aging process. 

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Lack of Trust in Women Leaders

“More women than ever before are running the world’s biggest companies, but research shows that the rise in representation has been accompanied by a fall in trust in female leaders.” What gives?

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That’s So Unladylike 

Looking for a new podcast? Well, duh! Always. Pop on the headphones, turn up the volume and head out on a spring walk to the cadence of Unladylike, a feminist lifestyle podcast hosted by Cristen Conger. 

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