Still or Sparkling? You Choose How You Show Up

I’ve been thinking about “choice” recently. The question of whether life is a series of self-propelled decisions vs. something that just happens to you has been central to many conversations. 

Many of these conversations have been prompted by macro shifts to the world around us–wars, inflation, inequity, political discord, tweets, bank failures, quiet quitting, creative burnout and mass shootings.

Last week my own world felt like a giant Jenga puzzle that was teetering on its last few foundational pieces. Decisions felt hard. Work was crushing me. My email inbox was heavy. Creativity was gone. I started to feel like it was Kate against the universe and the universe was trying to break me into a million pieces…

This weekend, I peeled myself off the sofa and picked up a book by renowned Buddhist and author Pema Chodron called How We Live is How We Die. Among pages of sage advice, one line struck a chord. “Trust not in success. Trust in reality.” 

In short summary, the choice to “trust in reality” means a shift in how we respond to the ebb and flow of life, free of our hopes and fears. It’s about being open to life as it is, not as you want it to be, which means you don’t feel harmed or disturbed when you don’t “get what we want”—the job, the relationship, the wrong coffee order, the right water option, the perfect house or always-on WiFi. 

Each of us has the agency to opt out of the stories swirling around us on how the world “should be”. You can choose to listen to your heart to understand what works for you. You can opt to see the world for what it is–a beautiful, messy, wild, unpredictable journey through space and time. 

You can choose to see the world from a point of scarcity, see what’s wrong or what’s missing from every situation. Or you can choose to see the world from a place of abundance, where you get what you give and ask for nothing more. This perspective is an opportunity to see the infinite possibility of our own human potential and capacity. Where you look at your life as a place of creation vs. destruction.

As we move into the summer months, I challenge you to use this time to decide how you spend your time, channel your thoughts and define your magic. 

Today I choose the following.

  • To see the world as a place of creation
  • To deeply understand that my experience is different from others
  • To celebrate different experiences and create space for learning
  • To see the possibility in the challenges that lie ahead
  • To find magic in the mud and the grace in the grit

This month’s Brain Food is a conversation about choice. What do you choose to focus on, care for, create? Still or sparkling, I’d love to hear more, send an email to [email protected] to start the conversation. 

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