Diving Deep: May 2024 Brain Food featuring TARRA’s Rae-Claire Embree

Written by TARRA Marketing Manager, Rae-Claire Embree (she/her)

As I sit down to write this edition of Brain Food, I feel an immense sense of gratitude. It’s been three incredible months since I took on the role of TARRA’s Marketing Manager, and what a journey it has been! From the exhilarating challenges to the moments of creative breakthroughs, every day has been filled with new experiences and opportunities for growth.

Whether it’s devising innovative strategies to reach our target audience or collaborating with the talented TARRA team to bring our vision to life, every new experience has only served to strengthen my resolve and deepen my passion for being a part of TARRA! Making a meaningful impact on both members and non-members has been incredibly fulfilling.

But beyond merely sharing my gratitude for being in this space, this edition of Brain Food is also a testament to the power of contribution. In a world inundated with information, being able to curate and share content that resonates with others is a privilege and a responsibility. And as I write these words, I am grateful for the opportunity to be a conduit for inspiration and discovery!

So as you peruse this edition of Brain Food, may these recommendations ignite your curiosity, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire you to seek out and curate your own Brain Food to share with others. After all, in a world as vast and varied as ours, there’s always something new to discover and delight in!

Navajo Traditions Woven Anew: Melissa Cody’s ‘Webbed Skies’ Exhibition

Melissa Cody, a fourth-generation Navajo weaver, blends ancient tradition with contemporary flair in her vibrant tapestries, showcased in her solo exhibition “Webbed Skies” at MoMA PS1. Through her intricate weavings, she not only honors her heritage but also pioneers new techniques, infusing her art with personal narratives and cultural reclamation efforts.

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Is there such a thing as the *perfect* drink?

Anytime Spritz is a company that produces organic and regenerative spirits and cocktails crafted by queer women and powered by farmers. They prioritize flavor, fresh ingredients, and sustainability, offering products like Farmhouse Vodka and Farmhouse Gin made from 100% Regenerative Organic Certified wheat. Their canned cocktails, such as Herby Lime Fizz and Yuzu Ginger Punch, feature real ingredients sourced responsibly, aiming to provide a delightful drinking experience while also promoting environmental consciousness. How cool is that? And JUST in time to be your summer cocktail!

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Travel Takeover: How Women are Dominating the Industry

The CEO and founder of El Camino Travel reflects on the power dynamics in the travel industry, noting the disproportionate influence of men despite women’s dominance in travel planning and spending. She emphasizes the need for diverse voices to shape the industry’s direction and highlights individual influential women driving change. These include Charlotte Simpson, challenging stereotypes about solo travel; Quannah Chasinghorse, advocating for Native land rights and environmental protection; and Kali Uchis, whose music fosters cultural understanding. Additionally, Bisan Owda showcases how travel content can evolve into civic journalism. These amazing women symbolize a shift towards a more inclusive and representative travel landscape, shaping the future of the industry! Something we LOVE to see!

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Who Says You Have to Age Out of Style?

In the realm of trend-setting women, Lyn Slater is not one to mess with! In “How to Be Old,” Lyn, the “Accidental Icon,” shares her journey of defying age stereotypes through her fashion blog. For over a decade, she challenged the notion that aging means fading into the background, advocating for self-acceptance and reinvention at any age. Slater’s memoir celebrates the opportunities for rebellion and creativity that come with growing older, promoting a more inclusive and empowering perspective on aging.

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Three for the Price of One

Lately, I’ve found immense inspiration in the music I’ve been listening to constantly! Here are three artists who have captured my attention and kept me hitting the “repeat” button.

“Cinderella” by Remi Wolf. Described by Wolf as “a lyrical collage of the ups and downs and mood swings and transient lifestyle I was experiencing while writing this album,” this is the latest single from her forthcoming sophomore studio album Big Ideas. Coming out July 12.

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Carving Canyons by Lissie. In her fifth album, the singer-songwriter delves into her most intimate experiences yet. In it, she navigates the rollercoaster of recovering from heartbreak and loneliness, while also exploring the soul’s journey toward healing and finding hope amidst adversity.

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Get It Got It by Adi Oasis. Adi is a remarkable discovery in the French-Caribbean music scene. Her latest singles, following the release of her album Lotus Glow, delve deeper into political themes, reflecting her experiences as a woman of color with a mixed heritage and an immigrant background.

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